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Things that Shorten Your Home’s Lifetime

Posted by on Jun 22, 2016

Things that Shorten Your Home’s Lifetime

Your house keeps your family safe from many things. In the performance of its duties, it cannot be avoided that your house also exposes itself to certain hazards that may shorten its lifetime. Home repairs can be expensive. Here are some things and issues that may cause your house to age faster than it should.

Lack of Roof Cleaning

Your roof is an integral part of your house. The very reason for its construction is to protect you and your family from environmental assaults such as the rain and the wind during a storm. The roof is also designed to keep your house safe from any foreign body that may cause damage in the interior. Over time the roof collects moss and bird poo. These can cause the roof tiles to become porous and brittle.

Molds and Moss

There is nothing bad about harboring growth of plant life as long as it occurs in the right place. Moss and molds even certain types of fungus that comes in the form of a mushroom is a sign of a very healthy ecosystem but it is not very healthy for your house. Molds and moss collecting on wooden parts of your house means that piece of wood is decomposing and that means your house is on its way to doom.

Termites and Rodents

Your home is in constant battle with non-active forces such as the wind, the heat of the sun, rainwater and plant life but your home occasionally faces an active attacker that it cannot defend itself with unless you provide your house with the right weapon. Pest Control Orange County provides one of the best available solutions for termite and rodent control. This will give your house the shield and the army to arm itself from these tiny damaging looters. So make sure you book your termite inspection Los Angeles today!

Heat and Rain

As mentioned above the heat and rain are non-active forces coordinating its slow but constant attacks against your house. The extremes of temperature can cause the water content in concrete to expand making it prone to cracks. Water can cause would to decompose. When it seeps into the wooden part of your house it attracts another unwanted guest: Mosses and molds.

Wind and Foreign Bodies

There is nothing bad about having trees near your house or within your property because they add shade and ventilation to the area. The problem comes when the strong winds strike and cause some leaves and branches to be blown against your house. The constant pressure the wind and the other foreign objects are putting on your house can take its toll in the long run. Some houses near the highway face the issue of constant exposure to dust and pollution causing the material to easily break.

Your house is your asset. The most immediate issue that requires an immediate solution would be active assaults caused by termite infestation. This can easily lead to the premature destruction of your house. Contact Pest control Los Angeles now to begin your offensive attack against forces that are eating up your home piece by piece.

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