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What Joint Supplements to Choose for Your Horses

Posted by on Apr 16, 2016

It is a known fact that horse joint supplements actually work. In fact, even vets recommend using joint supplements for horses to help them move a lot more comfortably, control heat, and reduce swelling. How effective a joint supplement can be will depend on the quality of the ingredients used. It will also depend on how the horse responds to the supplements.


Discount equestrian supplements should be easy to find nowadays. Most of them are extremely effective. Here are some of the most effective ingredients found in the supplements that can be used for helping the horses with their ailment.


Glucosamine tops the list. This is the most well-studied ingredient when it comes to joint supplements. The glucosamine comes either as glucosamine sulfate or as glucosamine hydrochloride. These two forms are both effective. Take note that glucosamine is one of the basic building blocks of all the connective tissues in all life forms. The glucosamine should be highly effective as pain relief, usually in a short period of time, from 10 to 14 days. It is also helpful in slowing down cartilage breakdown. It can also encourage faster healing.


Chondroitin suflate is one of the major structural components of the bone, cartilage, and connective tissues like the whites of the eye. Chondroitin has a pain-relieving effect, but it may not be as easily perceived as glucosamine. The greatest benefit that chondroitine can contribute is that it can prevent further breakdown of the cartilage.


The Glucosamine and chondroitin combination works well too. Combining these two ingredients actually yield to superior results compared to when these ingredients are used on their own. With these particular findings backed by thorough research, most join supplements these days now mix these two ingredients to make a superior product.


Hyaluronic acid. Horse medicines always have hyaluronic acid as one of the main ingredients. In fact, it is an essential component both to the joint fluid and cartilage. In the past, the hyaluronic acid is a medicine that came in the form of injectables. In present time, the hyaluronic acid is available as oral supplement. This is the kind of medicine perfect for controlling swelling, heat, and pain.


Avocado and soy unsaponifiables or ASU are the plant fats normally protected from absorption and digestion within the intestinal tracts. They are instead extracted and purified through a special process. The ASU, in equine study, show protective effects against the breakdown of the cartilage. While that may be the case, ASU do not have significant effect on the horse’s pain.


MSM or methylsulfonylmethane is another ingredient used in the supplement. While it may be true that the MSM is not yet clearly defined in how it works or what long-term side effects it cause, it has been proven to be effective as an anti-inflammatory. The MSM is now found in horse joint supplements at small doses though.


Vitamin C is included in the list. It is vital for the health of connective tissues like the cartilage. Just make sure to avoid excessive Vitamin C since the excess amount can damage the cartilage.

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