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Key Services Offered by UK Pet-Sitting Companies

Posted by on Feb 1, 2016

You’ve heard of babysitting and house sitting, but how about pet-sitting? It’s an actual thing. If you have a pet, then it’s likely become one of the members in your households, and you want to provide the best possible life possible for cat, dog, bird, squirrel, etc. However, there are times when you aren’t able to care for them because you have a busy schedule, you’re out of town, and so on. In those situations you should consider a pet-sitter such as pet sitters in Hertfordshire. Here are some of the types of services that are offered:

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1. Walking dogs
This is one of the main services that can be offered by a pet-sitting service such as pet sitters in broxbourne. While it’s possible to walk cats as well, it’s tough because if they don’t feel like walking they won’t. On the other hand, dogs enjoy the experience, as it allows them to go outside and explore their surroundings. It also provides some good exercise. If you’re unable to walk your dog this is an excellent service that can ensure your pet pooch gets the exercise he or she needs on a daily basis. If you have a dog, It’s definitely one of the most important services to look for in a pet-sitting service.

2. Dog boarding
This gives your dog a place to stay and the care it needs while you’re away, such as on a business trip or vacation. It’s a great way to ensure that your dog is fed, walked, and bathed while you’re away, so it will be as if you never left your home! When you’re away, you likely want peace-of-mind that your pet dog is receiving the best care possible. Dog boarding is certainly one way to do that.

3. House security/plants
Some pet-sitting services will also provide other services for taking care of your home while pet-sitting. They include opening the curtains, turning on the lights, and watering the plants. These are some helpful services to make sure your home is secure and your plants are watered when you’re away. Although they’re technically not related to your pets, they’re a helpful service.

pet sitters in broxbourne 2

4. Basic care
This can involve many issues, such as bathing the animal, cleaning out a cat’s litter tray or a rabbit’s hutch, giving them medicines, etc. Basically a pet-sitting service can provide the same care as you would if you were there. This is important as you’ll likely want your pet to have the same care as when you’re there.

5.Feeding pets
This is one of the most important services to look for in a pet-sitting service. It’s important that your pet be fed food and clean water regularly while you’re away. This is critical as your pet requires such food for its daily energy. There are also pets that have special diets, so it’s even more critical that their diets are maintained while you’re away. It’s important for pet-sitters to get any special instructions about the feeding of your pet, before you go.

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