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Dogs Need Their Dermatologists Too

Posted by on Feb 1, 2016

Just because most dogs have an ample amount of fur to cover their body doesn’t mean they are fully protected from any type of skin infection. Dogs are just as prone to skin infections as their owners. In fact, they can be vulnerable to these things more than their owners because they don’t really bother so much about their health. All they have is us and a few experts to help them out.

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What Makes Veterinary Dermatologists Special?

The treatment for these skin problems in our dogs are within the expertise of a veterinary dermatologist. Like every other veterinarian, they take care of our beloved pets’ heath too, but they specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of all types of skin problems in animals. They also treat other ailments of the ears, mouth and even the hooves.

Type of Skin Infection in Dogs

Skin infection in dogs is commonly caused by bacteria, or can be yeast related. Either way, these can easily be remedied if you know exactly the type of infection your dog has. All types of infection have a corresponding treatment. So it is always best to know which type of infection you are dealing with.

What Are the Symptoms?

There are various symptoms of skin infection. Although sometimes it can be a bit tricky to tell when our dogs are suffering from one, an experienced vet dermatologist will be able to determine it easily. But of course, this is with the help of your knowledge about your dog’s history and daily activities. Common symptoms may include but are not limited to hair loss, foul-smelling discharge, sores, scabs and intense itching.

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Home Remedies

Bringing your dogs to the vet is the most efficient way of treating any form of infection. But there are ways that you are capable of doing yourself at home, and that will be extremely helpful for your pets as well. One of the simplest remedies for skin infections is to regularly bathe your dogs, especially when they have cuts or wounds. Bathing them will keep these cuts clean and safe from bacteria. Also, make sure that you lather your dogs with the right type of shampoo or soap especially for those suffering from yeast infection. Apple Cider Vinegar is also a commonly used home remedy for yeast infection in dogs. Oatmeal paste is another effective way to keep your dog’s skin nourished while cleaning it at the same time.

All dog lovers would agree that our furry friends are very much like an addition to the family. And because of that, we feel the need and the responsibility to take care of them and make sure that they are out of harm’s way just like every other family member. Paying attention to our dog’s health is vital for their survival. Like what most people say, “Prevention is better than cure”. So, even with the availability of home remedies and the help from vet dermatologists, it is always best to keep them out of trouble than have them go through different medications.

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