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How to be stressed free from all bird problems

Posted by on Nov 29, 2015

Waking up by the birds’ whistle is very sweet and pleasing. However, not all fall on the same place because there are some birds that causes nuisance to the society these days.  Their abrupt increase in population in a certain area made them considered as pests. They are not like humans who are wise enough to think that the area that they are in is not the right spot for waste disposal. There is a vast array of places that are already pissed off by the deeds of these species which resulted to form a bird pest control group to combat this epidemic.

One of the solutions that experts formulated to combat this problem without killing or harming the lives of these precious birds is by utilizing bird proofing. When we talk about bird proofing, this is a strategic way on how to keep these birds away or to refrain from doing unhygienic ways to the façade of your building and home as well as to signage’s and monuments. This strategic planning is beneficial to both humans and birds because non-toxic and safe chemicals are used to shoo these birds away, thus assuring safety to both parties.

Deterring these birds is not an easy task most especially if it is what they are designed and used to. However, keeping the cleanliness of your house, office windows, façade of the building, etc. weighs more important than by having these species around. Though it sounded a bit harsh, this is what reality is telling us. Proofing is not designed just to keep the area clean, but to also make sure that we are not denoting a negative impression from customers and people.

Moving forward, controlling birds by the use of proofing is done contacting bird control companies who specialize in doing this task. They are already experts in keeping your windows and properties from getting dirty as well as its maintenance. If you are curious how it’s done, the following are simple steps on how they do it:

Cleaning of the surface area – Cleaning the area first is very important, well obviously to just clean up the mess before applying a non toxic solution.

Proper Application– In applying the solution, you have to make sure to weak personal protective equipments like gloves and mask. Though these solutions cannot cause toxicity, self protection should still be highly prioritized. Usually, the solution comes in a gel like substance which is best, most especially if applied on glass windows to make sure that it will not cause scratches and scratches. The application is usually done by wiping.

Effect – The effectiveness of the solution can be more appreciated after few weeks wherein it causes irritation to the birds which make them to avoid the area.

Furthermore, subscribing to the right company to do the job makes it even more effective and durable since they already mastered the process and the right way on how to do proofs. Subscribing to the right company also assures you that you can have the best solution in which proofing application and maintenance can be done for only twice a year.

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